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Great moisturiser, leave in conditioner

I have locks and the importance of using a product that does not cause build in your hair is crucial. I find this product works well when my hair is slightly damp . But can be used on dry hair as well.Its great to be able to support black owned products even more so is that it contains lots of natural ingredients. I'm also a big fan of the Grow it long serum. Nice to now have a big size in recycling packaging. Thank you Sal for youre innovation.

Afro-Curly Kids Twisting Kit
Mum of 1 (London, GB)
Love the products but not the size

My son was born with alot of hair, but it is very dry especially at the back. The honey rain juice really helped to detangle effortlessly and the rest of the products help to keep his hair moisturised for a couple of days. However, the kinky coil Twurli butter is a mousse rather than a cream so it literally just evaporated and I got hardly anything out of it. I just wish the products were bigger for the price and the butter was a cream rather than a whipped texture; If they were I feel like it would be a lot better value for money

Best haircare

We have used this brand for years now. We love because the products last ages! My daughters hair has grown SO much in 2 years using this sandwiching protective technique and I love how the hair milk is now a bit thicker so it doesn't run off my hands when applying but still feels the same on my daughters hair. We use the products with banding and twist styles and it keeps her hair moisturised for weeks at a time!
My daughter loves the packaging and the products have given her hair confidence and wash days are no longer a negative drama x

Honey detangler

Amazing products. It smells just beautiful
Works so well for my daughter’s hair. It so moisturising. Just bought my second batch

Perfect Moisture Longevity

My son is one and I have moved past the simple moisture and sweet almond oil as his hair doesn't retain moisture throughout the day. I was looking for a product gentle and light with no chemicals and was referred to Root2Tip from a Black Community group. I tried out the back to school bundle hoping it is viable for 1 year olds. His hair stays moist throughout the day and even into the following day. I do not have to apply the whole routine daily. Happy to just top up with honey rain with a touch of Sunlight curl cream.