Should you be oiling your scalp? Expert advice

Should you be oiling your scalp? Expert advice

To oil or Not to oil?  Is your hair and scalp dry?

The web is flooded with so many conflicting messages about whether we should use oils on our hair and scalp or just to leave it to do its own thing!

What is the correct advice to take?

Here we breakdown our perspective wth a bit of science for good measure!

Our scalp is the only living organ related to our hair, its growth and health.  Your hair is essentially dead matter once it grows out from the scalp.  So caring for your scalp is really important if you want to grow healthy hair that grows happily all year long!

What about the scalps own oil?

The scalp produces its very own oil called sebum.  In fact your scalp produces 1g of sebum each day! In some cases this may be enough to keep your scalp healthy, but it does not work well for afro hair or curls.

Unlike straight hair, sebum cannot be distributed onto the hair easily, so for this reason it is really important to add extra oils to lubricate the hair along with water-based moisturisers.

So Should I oil my scalp?

Yes, we have promoted scalp oiling for over 10 years.  The correct scalp formula will not irritate or harm the scalp eco-system, in fact our Grow-it long serum should be used weekly as a part of a healthy hair care routine!


"If your scalp is itching or creates flakes, it is speaking to you!  The itching you feel and the flakes you see are your scalps language and she is trying to tell you she needs you to do something, so never ignore it!"


Dandruff and Sebhorreic dermatitis:

Your scalp has a natural bacteria or yeast on it called mallasezzia.  If the scalp starts to flake it means there is an over-production of this yeast that has caused the scalp to react or flare-up.  Avoid this by washing the scalp at least 1 x a week.

Sebhorreic dermatitis what is it?

Sebhorreic dermatitis is the big sister to dandruff!  It is a hormonal condition that cannot be cured per se, it is controlled.  It causes greasy large flakes over the scalp, caused by an over-production of sebum, (yes your scalps very own oil).

If you have this condition it is super-important to wash the scalp weekly, in some cases a medicated shampoo may be used to control the condition, however they can be very drying on natural hair textures, so we advise you to use the oil on your hair and a conditioner when using these types of shampoos to protect the hair itself.

 Our no.1 Solution for a healthy scalp eco-system!

 No. 1 for a healthy scalp environment!

For over 10 years this serum has worked wonders on dry hair and scalps. Created to cure our Founders own scalp condition Seborrhoeic dermatitis in 2010!  She researched and was given this formula by the Creator. 

It has blessed tens of thousands of heads over the years. Provided relief for a plethora of scalp issues using the power of 🪴. 

This miracle oil will re-balance the moisture levels on your scalp after just one use, delivering essential scalp nourishment where needed.

With continual usage, your hair has the perfect environment to grow at its optimum level healthier and stronger.

Key Ingredients:

Sulfur and Rosemary Oil function as the super-heroes in this magical formulae.  We have known what the world is only just discovering now!  The scalp is the key to healthy beautiful hair.


The second star is Sulfur, a naturally occurring mineral, not to be confused with mineral oil!  Known as thr beauty mineral it acts like a vacuum to nasty bacteria on the scalp!

We suggest you use this oil weekly as part of a healthy hair care regime!
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