7 ways to upgrade your natural hair routine this year!

7 ways to upgrade your natural hair routine this year!


7 tips to help you upgrade your natural haircare routine this year!  Happy New Hair!


Hi Guys,

Happy New HAIR!

Oh yes, it is that time again when we set new goals and maybe even resolutions for our lives, but do you ever set new resolutions for your hair?

Your natural hair is unique!

Our hair is the fibre that we need to keep protected and well cared for all year round, but are you doing that? and how can you make a few changes this year to improve your hair for the upcoming seasons?

If you are stuck for ideas and need a liitle help, may we assist you?


Here are 7 things you can do to upgrade your routine this year!

1   Upgrade your wash day: Pre-poo and section

We recently did a reel on a 3 step wash day routine that will change the way your hair feels today:

Step 1- Prepoo using our Grow-it-long scqlp serum (*adds insane slip and shine to the hair)

Step 2- Wash in sections, avoid tangles and tears by washing your hair in detangled sections

2  Drink more water, water will not only keep your skin clear and system moving but it will also prevent shedding and hydrate your hair from the inside!

3  Trim your ends:

Consider your hair to be a beautiful fibre or material like silk, if you see a loose thread hanging from your silk dress and you you pull on it- it will unravel and be ruined, it is the same for your hair,  Trimming extends the life of your hair and will make your hair look and feel healthier, plus detangle much less!

4  Oil Rinse!  

After you have washed your hair, add some oil to a jug of water and use that as a final rinse.  Use oils like Extra virgin olive oil or grapseed.

5   Deep Condition with steam!

Steam is something we have been screaming about forever, it is a real gamechanger for natural hair.  It allows your hair to get a deeper hydration by lifting the cuticles on the outer surface of the hair to allow your oil treatment or conditioner/masque to get deeper into the hair strands!  Be sure to rinse with cool water when complete. Use our comb-out cowash as a deep conditioner and get super soft hair!

6  Moisturise at night!

If you are someone who has very little time in the mornings to add moisture to your hair, then do it at night!  As long as you prevent your hair from ever being dry you will be winning the battle this year!

7  Stop comparing your hair!

It is so easy to look at social media and get a little green eye envy at the hair we are shown on our smart phones, but your hair is beautiful, and if you give it time it will really surprise you!  Comparison is the thief of joy they say! 

This year look straight ahead in the mirror and get to understand your own hair and its journey before you covet someone elses!  If you are dealing with some hair issues then stop and get some help. 

Email our team for advice and sign up to our masterclasses via Eventbrite!





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