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The Harvest Hairgrowth Wig and Braids System - For Afro hair and curls

The Harvest Hairgrowth Wig and Braids System - For Afro hair and curls

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Designed to care for the busy lifestyles of ladies who rock a wig or wear their hair in braids, two very popular protective styles.

 Our wig/braid hair under there system contains 4 carefully curated products that will allow you to nourish and grow your hair whilst you switch it up. The wig life is nothing to be afraid of. Natural ladies, if you choose to protective style and wear a wig, weave or braids this is the perfect kit for you.

We understand you care about your hair and you want to ensure when you do wear her out, she is in the best condition ever!  The secret to healthy hair is 24-7 care.

Our Wig/Braids (Hair under there) System is made up of our 4 best-selling products that deliver intense hair health from day one!

In the kit:

  • The MUST-HAVE: Honey rain juice (a daily hydrating spray) - stops dry hair, and strengthens it to stop breakage!
  • The Comb-out cowash conditioner - cleanses braided hair and protects the hair until it is loosed out
  • The Grow-it long Scalp serum - A 100% natural scalp oil that stops an itchy scalp and promotes hair growth especially good for the hairline that can be very fragile!
  • The Root energizer- a powerful tonic 100% natural and Ayurvedic science-backed formula to regrow hairlines, restore thinning hair and stimulate hair growth at the follicle level.

 A wig unit is a great protective style if you take care of the hair under there!  This is KEY, in addition, give your hair and scalp a break from the stocking cap and wig!  

Your scalp needs air or the hair will die at the root.

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