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Alopecia and thinning hair solutions - The Harvest hair growth Kit

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Reduce hair loss with plant-based solutions backed by science.

 Alopecia and thinning hair solutions, the Harvest hair growth pack

Hair loss, slow hair growth, slow beard growth? a thinning hairline or crown:

You need this!

Our best-selling Alopecia and thinning hair oils, the Harvest hair growth pack were formulated by Salem our in-house cosmetic scientist when she had alopecia in 2008.

 A luxurious but innovative formula that will soothe and stop scalp itching.  Powered by nature, and scientifically proven to power up the hair growth matrix found in your hair roots, this combo when used consistently will produce thicker strands of hair, awaken sleepy follicles that have not produced hair for some time, and also nourish your scalp, and kill bacteria that can lead to hair loss.  (*Results are seen in 90 days - a season)

 THE MOT- But for your SCALP

Your scalp is the engine for your hair growth. Kickstart your hair growth with our fantastic system.

Hair is produced deep down at the root of the hair in an are called the Matrix,  Many factors including the environment on your scalp help or stop the continued hair production.  If the blood-flow to the root matrix stops, so does hair production.

This hair pack prevents hairloss by increasing the circulation of blood to the roots in the scalp, down at the follicular level.  This helps the matrix to push out new hair 24-7.

Massage your scalp daily for 5-7 minutes to really feed the roots with blood-flow.  Our Harvest system makes this 75% easier.

🍃You will get our 100% natural scalp and hair oils - the Grow-it-long Serum and The ROOT Energizer.

🗣The Grow-it-long serum targets the flaky or dry scalp/dandruff issue and assists in thickening your hair.

🗣The ROOT Energizer is a powerful Ayurvedic tonic that is designed to invigorate your scalp and increase the circulation of blood to the roots to encourage healthy hair formation at the stem cell level. This super growth duo has been used for years by women to thicken their hair, and prevent alopecia!

🗣Made with a blend of quality fruit and vegetable oils, and tingling and stimulating essential oils like rosemary and tea tree.  

🗣The potent mix of Ayurvedic herbs delivers follicular stimulation that disrupts the cell membrane to encourage hair growth. 






Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Maggie Smith (West Bromwich, GB)
Super Growth Root Energizer. Grow it Long Scalp Serum.

My order was delivered on time and was in a good condition. Love these 2 products they make my hair super soft. Sorry I can't comment on the hair growth yet as I've only been using them for over a week. Will update you in about 2 months watch this space. Thank you x

Pauline A (Birmingham, GB)
Thinning hair

Well I have received my package now, so looking forward to using the items, since I am just starting this, I will have to give another review about how it has helped my hair, so all I can say for now is WATCH THIS SPACE.

Vanessa (London, GB)
Simply the best!!!!

It's not very often that I'm impressed by someone. I saw Sal online talking about her hair products. Her passion for all things hair coupled with her inspiration from our Creator further impressed me. I tried the Grow It Long Scalp Serum and the Super Growth Root Energiser [which I've only used once]. I actually cannot believe the transformation my hair has achieved! I had lots and lots of hair loss and bald patches and the combination of these products has improved my hair so much, I'm shocked at the results!!! I have posted pictures here so you can see the results for yourself. The first [CURRENT] picture was taken on the 10th June 2021 and a second [BEFORE] picture was taken the 20th May 2021 , both on the same side of my head. Sal you are such an inspirational person with a beautiful spirit. I thank you for all you have done to improve our hair and all you continue to do for the Black Family.

Chidi (Bromsgrove, GB)
In love 🔥🔥

Am just in love with these products. My sister-in law put me on it, she uses it for my nieces
And wow!!!
Have only stared using it
Did the protein treatment with it and my hair felt better and alive.
Struggled with my ages growing back
And I can say in this short while and using the growth combination oils every day Bowyy is my ages coming back.

So thank you so much
Don’t play yourself and get yours now. You won’t regret, putting my whole family on it because we are natural
Every time I get paid, am stocking up because these sell out fast.

Sorry I don’t normal write reviews, but had to on this. Hence while it’s long.

Happy new year, y’all

Blessing (London, GB)
great product

I was not sure about trying another hair product that claims its ingredients are organic and works, but I am so glad that I decided to buy it and its working wonders on my son's hair , who suffers from itching scalp and the owner was so lovely to figure out what was wrong with his hair by me just explaining and showing her pictures of his hair under a week it worked wonders than all the other hair products I have been trying for months I can go on and on and on about how much I love it and what relief it has given me and my son don't have to suffer with bruised scalps anymore. Defo sticking to this for the long run. <3<3