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Alopecia + Thinning Hair Solutions - The Harvest Hair Growth Kit

Alopecia + Thinning Hair Solutions - The Harvest Hair Growth Kit

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Reduce hair loss with plant-based solutions backed by science.


The Problem

Hair loss, slow hair growth, slow beard growth, a thinning hairline or crown. Itchy flaky scalp and dandruff.

The System?

Alopecia and thinning hair solutions, the Harvest hair growth pack! Your scalp is the engine for your hair growth. Kickstart your hair growth with our amazing 2 step system. Our best-selling Alopecia and thinning hair oils, the Harvest hair growth pack were formulated by Salem our in-house cosmetic scientist when she had alopecia in 2008. 


A quick lesson! Hair is produced deep down at the root of the hair in an area called the Matrix, many factors including the environment on your scalp help or stop the continued hair production. If the blood-flow to the root matrix stops, so does hair production. TIP Massage your scalp daily for 5-7 minutes to really feed the roots with blood-flow.  Our Harvest system makes this 75% easier.

The Solution!

This 2 step scalp system prevents hairloss by increasing the circulation of blood to the roots in the scalp, down at the follicular level. This helps the matrix to push out new hair 24-7. Powered by nature, and scientifically proven to power up the hair growth matrix found in your hair roots, this combo when used consistently will produce thicker strands of hair, awaken sleepy follicles that have not produced hair for some time, and also nourish your scalp, and kill bacteria that can lead to hair loss. (*Results are seen in 90 days - a season). This luxurious but innovative formula will also soothe and stop scalp itching. 

What's Included?

Our 100% Natural Scalp Oils

  • Grow-It-Long Serum
  • Root Energizer

How does it work?

🌿 The Grow-it-long serum targets the flaky or dry scalp/dandruff issue and assists in thickening your hair.

🌿 The ROOT Energizer is a powerful Ayurvedic tonic that is designed to invigorate your scalp and increase the circulation of blood to the roots to encourage healthy hair formation at the stem cell level. This super growth duo has been used for years by women to thicken their hair, and prevent alopecia!

🌿 Made with a blend of quality fruit and vegetable oils, and tingling and stimulating essential oils like rosemary and tea tree.  

🌿 The potent mix of Ayurvedic herbs delivers follicular stimulation that disrupts the cell membrane to encourage hair growth. 

How To Use

Use 4 x weekly alternate the oils daily. A little goes a long way

Suited To

All hair types 1-4

Salem Says (EXPERT TIPS)

Use this system to kick-start sleeping follicles into action. Alternate between the 2 oils to create the perfect scalp biome*(environment)

Key Ingredients

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