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Comb-out Cowash Conditioner

Comb-out Cowash Conditioner

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Our Co-wash conditioner is mild enough for everyday use, or for use as a deep treatment also, for a real treat use as your leave-in cream! seal in with our natural hair butter on really dry hair textures.

The Comb-out co-wash will increase the ease of detangling as the light formula sinks quickly into strands to add moisture and SLIP to make detangling your hair a breeze.  Once rinsed away the effect of the co-wash will be felt for more than 24 hours.

Our smoothing and hydrating Co-wash conditioner is formulated with a blend of Extra-virgin Olive oil  and nourishing Organic Shea butter.  We know how dry curls and afro hair can get, we have uniquely crafted our conditioner to give rapid moisture.  Your hair is dramatically softened and hydrated from the first application.

Our key ingredient:  Extra Virgin Olive oil has a natural smoothing and plumping effect on strands so your hair will feel thick and full!

The cowash gives plenty of slip for detangling kinks, knots and curls with ease in the shower or out. 


S T E A M  IT!

Use a steamer to get the life of your hair back together again!  Steaming gives your hair the life it never knew it had!  Our Cowash is the perfect product to do this with!

Check out this steamer right here:  See Sal, using it in action in this video here



Aqua, Aloe Barbendsis (leaf) juice, Glycerine, Butyrosperum Parkii, Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetaryl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetaryl olivate, sorbitan Olivate, Cetrimonium Chloride, Panthenol, (Vitamin B5), Natural Preservative Sodium benzoate(and) Aqua and)Dehydroacetic acid, Hydrolysed Silk Protein, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Citrus Sinensis, (Sweet Orange oil), Parfum.

How To Use

Use weekly to restore moisture and strengthen hair, use after shampoo to deep condition the hair and enhance it by usingteamer. a s

Suited To

Type 1 - 4 hair textures, low porosity - normal

Salem Says (EXPERT TIPS)

Moisture is depleted from the hair over time and hair that nis dehydrated, is often prone to damage just from daily styling and manipulation. Our cowash can be used as daily cowash or a – Deep Conditioner, use with steam to deeply drive nutrients into the hair that will consitently over time give you the hair you desire. Strong, nourished and Powerful.

Key Ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive oil, Organic Shea Butter, Aloe & Vitamin B5.

Ingredient List

Organic shea + Olive extracts,Wavy - Kinky (Type 3-4c)+ Locs. (Low- high porosity)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
sabrin M. (Birmingham, GB)
I used shampoo and conditioner its amazing

I try kids all products and adults shampoo and conditioner it’s really amazing

VB (Brough, GB)
2nd purchase

I discovered this brand in summer 2020 starting using this product as a trial to see how it went. Really moisturizes and helps to retain the moisture. I am using it about 2 times a week on my 4C hair and also using it once a week as a deep conditioner treatment. My hair is happy and I have recently started using the Anti-breakage cream and detangling leave-in conditioner.

CDH (Bromley, GB)
Slip Like No Other

Absolutely love this product. I've tried so many other co-washes and none keep my hair as moisturized as this one after rinsing.

S T. (Edgware, GB)
10 out of 10

Mainly brought this because my daughter swims every week and i found shampooing every week, left her hair drier than usual.
This is the best co-wash I've use by far cleans the hair well and leaves it feeling amazingly soft and manageable once rinsed out without being tangled.

Jilly (Nottingham, GB)
Root2tip Comb out co-wash to restore moisture and as a detangler

I bought the Comb out - Co-Wash over two months ago. I had planned to use it then but realised I need to get my grey roots done at the hairdresser. On reflection, I should have taken it to the hairdressers and ask them to use this Co-Wash instead of their own product and then wrapped my hair in a cling film and returned home.
Well, I didn't do that two months ago. I had a had a treatment/moisturising conditioner at the hairdressers which the hairdresser assured me would leave my hair soft but when I returned home I found it was very dry. Coupled with that, the hair was untangled and difficult to comb out.

It was so painful to comb that I had to take two painkillers (paracetamols) to enable me to comb out and twist my hair. I thought this is it; there must be something wrong with my hair- I thought the hairdressers had done their best.

Despite the paracetamol, the twisting was still painfully, unpleasant and long experience because I kept stopping for relief.

Yesterday I used Root2Ttip Co-wash on my hair, I had left it on for about 2hours as I pottered around the house. I then washed out my hair and with no hot- air treatment ( which I thought made your scalp softer) When I came to twist my hair, I found the hair and scalp were very soft; no paracetamols needed- yeah! :)
And I enjoyed, yes enjoyed the experience of twisting my own hair. My hair was soft and manageable. I even realised that I could have managed with less oil in my hair - oh yes!
I put on a couple of DVDs and in worked continuously on twisting my hair instead of stopping and starting for relief)

I will continue to use the Co-Wash as a detangler and moisturiser. I will go to Lush and test first and try their dye because although I am concerned it may dry- I feel I have experienced the worst I will used the Root2Tip Co-Wash afterward to restore the moisture.