Hairducation questions and answers

Hairducation questions and answers

Q & A with Hairducation Writer Sal from ROOT2TiP


1- I am getting married in 2 months, how can I get my hair ready for my big day? 

If you are getting ready to say ‘I do’ and you are getting ready to have all eyes on you, then you will want your hair to look its very best, in tip-top condition. If you have picked your wedding style and found the hairdresser, the next phase is your bridal hair boot camp!

Here is my advice:

  • Deep condition weekly with steam! This will instantly give your hair a lift.  Deep conditioning works from the inside out to ensure each strand of your hair is at optimum hydration. This is key if you have slacked during the colder months and as a result your hair is now looking limp and lifeless.
  • Massage your scalp nightly. Using a 100% natural scalp oil, every evening massage your scalp to boost hair growth and ensure the hair you have stays on your head during the stress of the wedding prep!
  • Hydrate your strands daily using a nourishing crème. Oils are great however crèmes provide ultimate moisture from root2tip.
  • Pick your style and trial it more than once. Especially if you are newly natural, you may want to add natural hair clip-ins to give your hair a boost and that natural WOW factor, so do ensure your selected stylist knows what they are doing.


2- My Teen keeps on Straightening her natural hair and its becoming really thin and breaking, how can I make her stop and treat her hair and try other styles?

As a parent myself I have been the natural hair caretaker for my own 10 year olds hair, as a result her hair has flourished. However as children get older into their teens they get more experimental. The straighter hair look for children who have avoided relaxers only comes by way the dreaded GHD type flat iron or straighteners.

Most children will not be adding any heat protection to their hair whilst using heat tools and as a result they are literally FRYING their hair numerous times a week to maintain their look.

To avoid this take your child to a natural hair salon, and ask them to show your child how to do a style like a Twist-out, or better still sit down with her and watch one of the many 1000 videos on natural hair styling YouTube has to offer. 

My daughter has her own YouTube channel offering simple advice for pre-teens and teens on how-to maintain their natural hair. Sometimes when you show a strong-headed teen that their peers are embracing the natural texture of their hair without damaging it, it’s all the motivation needed.


3- What is the best way to moisturise my hair quickly everyday? I work long hours and I am often too tired, however my hair is suffering and breaks frequently?

Moisturising your hair should not be seen as a chore. Just like daily teeth-brushing make it a part of your daily routine. Once you do the same thing everyday for 30 days it becomes a habit.

Use an effective leave-in conditioner like our Best-selling Honey-rain Juice. It’s a quick moisture fix that takes less than 2 minutes to apply to your hair, irrespective of your hair style. If your hair is braided or cornrowed, spray and go. If you prefer to do a big curly look or wash and go, again simply spray it on and go. Alternately, moisturise at night using our Quench Anti-breakage crème.

Try to avoid your lifestyle or working pattern limiting the attention you pay to your hair, it only needs a mere 2 minutes a day! The benefits are obvious and if your hair is breaking due to dryness, then daily hydration is a must!


4- I have just had Kinky twists installed and my scalp itches constantly- why is this?

If you have just had synthetic hair added to your natural hair as part of a protective style, but you are now suffering from an itchy or even flaky scalp, then the following solutions may help.

  • Prior to adding the synthetic hair to your hair soak it in Apple Cider Vinegar, to remove the protective sprays used to give the hair a sheen. This spray can irritate sensitive scalps.
  • Whilst your hair is twisted or braided with extensions, Please, please, please…do not forget to wash your scalp. Women constantly surprise me by avoiding the washing of their hair/scalps simply because it in twists or braids.  If you didn’t wash your face for 4-6 weeks can you imagine the build-up of grime or bacteria settling on your skin!  It’s unthinkable, so apply the same practicality to washing your scalp. After all it is an extension of the skin on your face. This will eliminate scalp itching and encourage growth.
  • Lastly use a natural oil like our Grow-it-long Serum to hydrate your scalp with. This will also control dandruff and keep your scalp nourished.


Please do check-out the Heavenberry Hair show 4 kids on Youtube

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