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TRIPLE M Miracle Moisture Milk

TRIPLE M Miracle Moisture Milk

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Suffering from dry hair? Dry Locs, Dry Sister-locs or microlocs? You need to add me to your routine!  I am light enough for daily use, without a heavy or greasy build-up. If you are transitioning to natural hair, I am perfect for your new-hair roots and will silken and soften them to make styling easier.

Low porosity?  Does your hair never absorb moisture? 

Then you need this miracle milk!   

✅You will instantly realise softer, lusher textured hair. 

✅A miracle cream for Low Porosity hair

✅Your curls will be silkier, and your kinks will feel like satin.

✅Use as the first step in your Moisture routine, use with our Quench or one of our butter for maximum moisture. 

 ✅Great for thicker coarser straight hair too.

Received my TRIPLE M – Miracle Moisture Milk TODAY and it’s……Amazing!!!


I had to write this review –

I’ve never had my curls defined this well. Firstly I did a deep conditioning with root2tip co-wash, I then applied the Miracle Milk on damp hair, and lastly, for styling, I did a braid out overnight.

Then – WOW the miracle happened…
Absolutely love the products, they smell good enough to eat.

Thanks, Sal
Ange C, London



How To Use

TIP: If you have really dry skin our Triple M Milk can also be used to hydrate flaky dry skin leaving it supple and soft with a warm glow

Suited To

All textures love the instant moisture I provide, from the finest textures to coarser hair. I love Locs and Low porosity hair. I am also fantastic in relaxed hair. I am light and non-greasy.

Salem Says (EXPERT TIPS)

The Micro-moisture™ formula means the tiny Moisture particles seep into your hair strands easily. For you this means hair that stays Moisture locked for longer

Key Ingredients

Wavy - Kinky (Type 3-4c)+ Locs. (Low- high porosity),Jojoba + Olive O

Ingredient List

Jojoba + Olive Oil,

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