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GIFT Duo - Travel + Trial Duo: Shampoo & Co-Wash

GIFT Duo - Travel + Trial Duo: Shampoo & Co-Wash

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Presenting the essential travel and trial duo, featuring our moisture-balanced Stimulate and Cleanse SLS Free Hair Shampoo and the nourishing Comb-out Cowash Conditioner. Whether you're constantly on the move or simply eager to experience our top-rated products, this powerful pair has everything you need for healthy, happy wash day.

  1. Stimulate and Cleanse SLS Free Hair Shampoo: Crafted for dry, frizzy, afro and curly hair types, our moisture-balanced shampoo blends aloe, ginger, and plant proteins, effectively cleansing the scalp without stripping your hair. Its gentle formula maintains a low pH, leaving your hair feeling soft and clean. Perfect for daily use and suitable for all hair textures.

  2. Comb-out Cowash Conditioner: Our Co-wash conditioner is multi functional, serving as a conditioner with shampoo, a gentle cleanser without shampoo, a deep conditioning treatment and a leave in conditioner to be applied before swimming or during very hot weather. With its lightweight formula enriched with extra-virgin olive oil and organic shea butter, it effortlessly increases detangling ease, providing lasting moisture and slip for your hair. Ideal for quick hydration and enhancing manageability.

💚 At Root2Tip, we're on a mission to #CHANGEAHAIRSTORYS by offering clean, sustainable, and science-led products. Our natural and toxic-free formulations cater to all textured hair types, so you can enjoy the hair you deserve while keeping the environment in mind. 

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