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Best leave in conditioner/detangler ever!

This is best ! It detailed even the tightest knots and the moisture is out of the world!
Works for my Locs and my daughters 4b and 4c hair!
Buy it and you won’t regret it

Super Growth Root Energizer. Grow it Long Scalp Serum.

My order was delivered on time and was in a good condition. Love these 2 products they make my hair super soft. Sorry I can't comment on the hair growth yet as I've only been using them for over a week. Will update you in about 2 months watch this space. Thank you x

Tionne + Renaes Twist + GRO kit
Stephanie Mclean (Birmingham, GB)
Lovely product

Received within days of order. The photo on the website is a bit misleading to what I actually received. I wanted further information about each product and exactly what they do. The QR code in the booklet sent me to another tutorial. However the products are lovely with a beautiful smell. I have only used it once so can’t comment too much.

The best

Lovely scent, good lather, gentle but effective

Great conditioner/ leave in

Moisturising and great used as a conditioner or a leave in.

Absolutely a great product

This spray does exactly what says on the bottle....Finally found someone who knows there stuff...and its NOT fully loaded with chemicals....10/10 Must have. so pleased I have been recommending this every chance I get.

The best product...

I bought this product for my niece to try on her daughters hair who has thick long black hair, she's mixed 50% black, 50% Arab. My niece was asking for something to help detangle her daughters hair to make it less painful and traumatic for her child when she's combing through her hair in the mornings, believe me no more tears and no more protesting against having her hair combed. My niece said and I quote "Honey rain juice get a 10/10 Happy child equals happy Mum. No sticky residue left in your hands after applying which is great. Not only does it detangle it moisturised the hair very well. Absolutely a great product.

Triple M

Wonderful for my hair .. very moisturising without feeling too oily ..

Overall impressed

Honey rain juice is my favourite by far. reordered the pouch to refill our bottle. It not only gives my daughters hair so much moisture when we use it to refresh, but it makes detangling her hair a dream. She has 3b/3c curls which tangle/knot up very easy!
Heavens hair milk is lovely and again gives the hair that needed moisture
All products smell so good!
The shampoo really cleanses the hair and lathers up well
The cow ash conditioner is great but the quantity for what you’re paying for isn’t a great deal in my opinion
overall! Loving the products

Fantastic product for my daughters hair, haven't looked backed since! Leaves my daughters hair soft and manageable incorporated with the other products used..Absolute game changer x

Just what was needed

I've found in the past that nothing really and truly moisturises and nourishes my kids hair, due to how non porous their hair is. Now, that is a thing of the past!
Easily applied and instantly makes a difference.

A great purchase!

Breakage Defense: More Moisture Kit
Pauline A (Birmingham, GB)
Breakage Defense: Moisture Kit

Thank you all at roots 2 tip for my items, I can honestly say these are the best products I have brought to moisturise my hair, I have used them just once after washing my hair, and ohhhh my hair felt the difference , light, hydrated, I love love this kit, and will definitely be getting more, I have been telling all my friends about this product. Well done 👏🏽👏🏽

Twist and Curls Hair Pudding
K. (Maidenhead, GB)
It's been a long time.

I haven't purchased products from here for a while, my girls are older now, and doing there own thing.
After Christmas, my 2nd daughter decided to go back to twists, I used to twist their hair when they were younger and the only 'go to' products were: 'Honey rain juice' and the 'Twist and Curl Pudding' and....... I never should've left!!!! The locked in moisture is unreal!!! Her hair has movement and bounce and I've tried to suggest spritzing her hair daily with the HR Juice, there is seriously no need!! The locked in moisture is unreal people!
My daughter's over pining for braids, and straightening (nothing wrong with that) but treat the hair with Juice and Butter!!!!!
Thanks Sal and well done R2TIP Team!!!!

Very good product for my kids curls

This product is very nice, it works very well on my 3 kids hair and none of my kids have the same texture of hair. I have been looking for a product like this for my 3 years old daughter and this one is clearly doing a good job
I definitely want/need to order more.

Amazing products

Been looking for something to keep my daughters coily hair hydrated. I have been using fir 3 days and seeing fantastic results already. Thankyou so much, p.s already ordered another bottle of honey rain juice 😍

Love it

Love love love it. I have been using this for past three years so nice for my scalp and love the smell. It makes my hair feel soft after it has mixed or brushed in

Thinning hair

Well I have received my package now, so looking forward to using the items, since I am just starting this, I will have to give another review about how it has helped my hair, so all I can say for now is WATCH THIS SPACE.

Keeps hair conditioned

Great for my daughter’s hair. The spray instantly moisturises her hair and the milk and cream seals in the moisture well.

Love it!!

Great detangler & moisturiser in one! I use it on my little one who is 4 years old and has long thick hair. Once sprayed I literally just use my fingers to detangle his hair and the braid his hair and leave it for a few weeks and re spray his hair every few days and it remains moisturised

Honey-rain juice Refill Pouch (curly Kids Club)
Amanda Bunda (Leighton Buzzard, GB)
Miracle detangler

I use root2tip products on my sons hair daily. They are just amazing

Love this juice

I discovered Root2Tip in 2019 and have been using these products ever since. The Honey Rain Juice is a staple for me, I use it to detangle before washing, after washing and most days between washing. As long as the formula doesn't change this will continue to be one of my must have products.

Grow it long scalp serum

I was quite surprised how well this product worked on my adult sons scalp he has issues with his scalp in which he has an extreme buildup of dry flaky & itchy scalp. Which goes away with a wash but returns days later with the above symptoms. He started to use this product in conjunction with the honey rain juice and the difference is amazing his scalp barely becomes dry itchy & flakey anymore.

Kids honey rain juice

We use this for my granddaughter it’s so good for her hair used equally on wash days after swimming & as in moisturising spritz as & when needed. This product agrees with her hair very well

Finally found what I needed!

Dear Root2tip!!

I’ve been using only coconut oil and olive oil on my baby for the past 2 years and a half years, until I came across root2tip.
She’s got soooo much hair and I knew I had to start using something different. However , I’ve always been cautious with hair products and certain ingredients that are dangerous to health so I kept spending hours on finger detangling with my little oil mixture only.
I thank God for Root2tip, I no longer need to do that, and I’ve reduced my wash day and combing hair to half of the time with less tears.
She loves the fact that there are little
Girls on the bottle. Lol

My little Girls hair is super moisturised, super silky and free. It seems like it doesn’t even get tangled anymore and it smells lovely, even when it needs a wash.

The funniest thing is that I realised they helped detangle but only realised the long term beauty 1 day after when hair was dry and I took off her 2 plaits!!

I’ll defo
Keep buying and make root2tip the new way of life for my 2 girls!

Video just after spraying the honey rain juice.
Picture after the whole kit including sunlight creme.

The Back2School Afro-curly kids Moisture Kit
Melissa Wright (Willenhall, GB)
Worth it we love it

Second time purchasing these products for my daughter I brought the bundle this time as I wanted to try out the hair milk and cowash I love the products anyway as they leave my daughters hair moisturised smelling nice and easy to style I actually feel weary when I use store bought products in her hair now as I’m aware of the residue left and the dryness in her hair! I was sceptical of buying the back to school package as if seen another review say the bottles were smaller but they aren’t they’re the same size bottles as if I was to individually buy them in terms of the honey rain juice and leave in conditioner…all in all I will continue to buy these products for my little one as I feel they last long and benefit her hair keep her moisturised al day even until the next day if I’ve plaited or twisted it etc my daughter is Afro carribbean she has quite a soft texture anyway but really fine hair and it dries out very quickly including tangling the honey rain juice is great for detangling and the leave in conditioner (yellow one) has really helped strengthen and thicken up her hair. I didn’t review until using the products a couple of months as that’s how long it’s lasted for me due to protective styles etc but I wanted to give a try review and give it time enough to see a difference and it’s safe to say I will continue to use them it’s worth it