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I will forever use HRJ

I use on all 3 of my children. We have no complaining and their hair feels so healthy when we use HRJ as a detangler. Thank you

Does what it says

Myself and my daughters use this product and it's great. Does what it says and hair is moisturised well.

The Back2School Afro-curly kids Moisture System
Julia Marie John (Croydon, GB)
Simply the best

Root2tip hair products are amazing , make the hair styling process effortless, as a new mum of duly hair baby I didn’t have a clue what to do with tangled , I used to hate doing Julia’s hair until I came across this amazing brand . It keeps baby Julia’s hair moistened cleaned and shiny and it’s growing like madness it literally freaks me out lol never seen so much hair for 2 years old baby . Thank you so much

Great Products

First time using products for my two Daughters hair, the interest was for my 1st born initially, i was drawn to the Honey Rain Juice. Since the age roughly of 4 (she's 7 now) when it comes to wash day,it's like a work out! With the length and texture, at comb out stage, there would be tears. I have tried other products which were good, however nothing comes as close to the Honey Rain Juice. First time using I was blown away at the ease of the detangling of hair. No tears! The "ouch was minimal" and my Princess told me, I need to buy lots more. So far all products have been used and I am extremely satisfied with them🙂

Love it

I absolutely love this product for my daughter's hair. It works brilliantly, smells gorgeous and saves time as now not needing to spray with water and apply leave in conditioner separately. Seems silly to comment on but even the packaging and name is great. My daughter asked to hold the bottle to look at the characters on the label. Detangled hair really quickly and left hair looking moisturised, shiney and curls defined. I Will definitely be buying more when we run out. Thank you!!

Only shampoo

Love the shampoo, it’s the only product I use on my sons hair since he was about 6months old.

Nice natural products

Reallly Nice natural produits that keep my hair softener and moisturise. The products are not heavy. I recommand

Love the moisture!

My little girls hair has become more defined and using this makes it wet and moist to style

Not received yet.

Still waiting for this item

Great Protein Treatment

I have used this product only once and will love to use it at least three times before commenting. However, this is my first impression using the pros and cons method.

- Timely delivery
- Clean ingredient
- Great consistency
- Didn't leave hair dry

- It doesn't have enough slip
- The description says x3 protein ingredient, I only found 2 in the ingredients list

If I am able to post another review after some months, I will do that because I am keen to see how it works for my hair. Overall, it's a promising product.

Afro-curly Kids Kit - (Full wash-day)
Karlene Pamphile (Acton, GB)

I have only used the range once on my daughter's hair and I am really impressed with the outcome. Hair remained moisturised and soft after wash like I have never seen it before.
I am looking forward to growth and improved hair texture in the coming months by using these products. Thank you

Natural Hair Butter - Natural + Whipped BB
M Hutchinson (Hounslow, GB)

The Natural Natural and Whipped Butter leaves my locs feeling nice and soft. Its very light and smooth and you dont need to apply thst much to see a diffrence. I will continue to purchase this product from Root2Tip.

As described

Detangles effectively, hydrates and prepares hair for the next step. Great product.

Nice product, but not for me

My hair loves this, unfortunately my scalp does not. Never used a product with palm oil before or knew I was allergic to it, but now I know. Sad, as it was the first time my has hair retained moisture. Great product, use a small amount and protect your pillows!

Afro-curly Kids Kit - (Full wash-day)
aisa jameson (Colchester, GB)
Great product

Hi I think your products are great, but they didn't work on my daughters hair, the cowash didn't soak in to her hair, I put more but it didn't stay on

Vanilla-Sun Twurly Hair Butter
Emma Joseph (Harrow, GB)

Very moisturising

Great stuff!

I have been using this product for a little while now after coming across it by accident and it’s definitely now a staple for my natural hair. It makes detangling so easy and keeps my hair so soft!

First try

Fantastic, my three kids all have different textures and the products have helped all of them

I have a very sensitive scalp and can suffer really dry itchy head . I found this really helps my scalp and my hair feels lovely afterwards and not too dry

By far the best product I've found

I absolutely love the back 2 school kit, I was actually quite dubious about it working at first but oh my gosh it's perfect. The honey rain juice is a must and perfect for daily use. The fact I'm not putting so many products in my sons hair daily makes me happy, it's not greasy nor does the product feel like its building up. I really feel like I've found the one :) another bottle of rain juice on order sonic don't run out.

Protein to go pouch- Triple Protein masque
Chantelle Ince (Manchester, GB)
Gods gift

I have tried so many products. I can hand on heart say that this is the BEST product we have ever used! It leaves my child’s hair soft and refreshed. I’ve never felt it so good. I have been using these products for a few months now and I’m still so happy.

Love this kit

Love all these products especially the Natural & whipped BB smells lovely and love the consistency makes my hair really soft. :-)

This Root2Tip product has been life-changing and has made my hair feel the best it has ever been. Does exactly what it says in the description and made from all natural plant based ingredients. Highly recommend

Best products on the market......

This product combined with other Root2Tip ones has been life-changing and has made my hair feel the best it has ever been. Does exactly what it says in the description with all natural plant based ingredients. Highly recommend