Step into the captivating universe of Knights Knot, where Root2Tip and the Hairducation Academy have joined forces on a mission to transform countless hairstories. 

Prepare to embark on an enchanting adventure with Knights Knot, a spellbinding tale where a young girl discovers the power to rewrite her own hairstory. Knights Knot isn't just a story; it's a transformative experience for every child, unlocking the potential to feel confident and capable of achieving anything.

Knight's Knot BOOK LAUNCH DEC 9-10

Take your whole family on an adventure with the instant classic, Knights Knot. One little girl meets a mystical snowman who changes her hairstory and her life forever! In celebration of our Knight's Knot Book launch, we have created an immersive gift experience any child will love, shop our LIMITED LUXURY pre-sale gift merchandise to bring home the magic! #changeahairstory


animated film

Unhappy Hairdays

Peep into the world of a curly girl with a huge hair problem. Instantly relatable to children worldwide, we weave magic and love into a classic film.


Positive Messages

The film is not just entertaining but also sends out a positive message. It will open up the conversation about hair for all!


The film is laced with educational content, subtly imparting must have hair tips. Kids learn new concepts without even realising it.

Memorable Characters

Our film boasts an array of memorable characters. Knight and the Snowman take center place on all of our LMITED gifts!


Step into the enchantment of Knights Knot with our limited-stock, presale-exclusive luxury gift set. Inspired by the captivating film, each meticulously crafted item celebrates unique curls and afro hair. More than mere merchandise, it offers a transformative experience in line with Root2Tip's mission to empower. Secure this limited opportunity to gift confidence and self-love – ensuring every child feels truly extraordinary.

behind the scenes



Children globally can recount Knight's epic journey in their own language through our wordless book inspired by the classic film. It unfolds as a stunning tapestry of visuals.  

Knight's Knot-The Book (BTS)

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