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Transitioning Hair Tips: Top 3 Tips To Help

Going on a hair journey can be exciting, full of surprises, with both small set-backs and amazing breakthroughs. In some cases, it is a big jump into the unknown. Going natural or ‘returning’ natural as some prefer to call it, is one of those adventures that we are never really prepared for. If you have decided to transition to natural hair from a relaxer or a texturizer, chances are that you might face one or two challenges. Here are three tips for transitioning hair with ease back to those kinks and curls that you are eager to re-discover.

1. Be Patient

If you haven’t heard it enough, this is probably the top tip you’ll receive: ‘be patient’.

Hair takes time to grow and as your new texture is hidden beneath your relaxed ends, it will be difficult for you to see progress as quickly as you’d like.

As your new growth is much curlier than the rest of your hair, the length is even harder to notice and that can be discouraging.

However, your hair is growing. Trust the process.

2. Get to know your new hair texture

Transitioning gives you the opportunity to play around with your new hair texture while still having some length.

A common mistake while transitioning is that we want our new texture to blend in with our relaxed ends. This becomes problematic as it means that a lot of heat needs to be applied in order to blend the two together.

Instead, try and blend your straight hair with your curly hair. It’s much more fun and not damaging at all. Be very gentle while detangling and always remember to keep both textures moisturised and tangle free.

Try twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knots or even flexi rod styles. The curls won’t be too tight and you’ll get acquainted with your new texture and curl pattern.

3. Don’t be afraid to do the Big Chop on transitioning hair

After all is said and done, transitioning can be really hard but It’s less scary than waking up one fine morning and chopping all your hair off on a whim.

There will come a time in your transitioning journey where the two hair textures will become harder to blend. This is the line of demarcation; where straight hair meets curly hair and therefore becomes even more fragile.

Dealing with two different textures can sometimes also mean using different products and techniques for each texture, which can be tedious and very time consuming. So, it might be time to say goodbye to the relaxed ends and fully commit to your new kinky, curly or coily hair texture.

It’s ok to be a little anxious but letting go can also be very liberating. It can also make your hair journey so much easier.

However long you decide to transition for; a couple of months or maybe even a year, know that being comfortable through your journey is very important.

Don’t let fear hold you back from doing your big chop. There is a whole new world of experiences waiting for you on the other side.

At Root2Tip Eco, we offer a Transition & Grow Healthier Hair Kit. This will help you throughout your transition journey.


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