Spring Hair Tips For Black Hair Textures: Top 10

Spring Hair Tips For Black Hair Textures: Top 10

Fast-track your hair growth this year with these spring hair tips! Have you spent most of last year getting your hair to feel healthier? Perhaps you have just gone natural and you think you know what your hair needs to feel just right? Now is the perfect time to rack up some length!

Spring is all about Harvest, and harvest to me equals hair growth! 

Here are my top spring hair tips on generating some extra inches for your hair this year!

1. Picture your starting point!

black woman selfie

If you are serious about growing your hair this season, then snap your starting point.  Take a profile shot of your hair-length and a shot from the back.  Upload it to your social media and let people know what you are doing!  In 3 months’ time, you will have something to compare!

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2. Invest in quality haircare that makes your hair feel amazing!

 If your hair is moisturised today and dry tomorrow with your current leave-in, try something new.  Your growth is dependent on the products you will use to nourish the strands already there!

Dry hair breaks off, hydrated hair grows!  Our Triple M Milk will soften your strands, and prevent breakage.

3. Put your scalp first! 

black girl massaging scalp for spring

A good farmer will cultivate the land for his crops to thrive. Poor soil leads to poor crops.  It is the same with your scalp.  If you have dandruff, are itching regularly or fail to wash your scalp weekly- you will not see the growth you want this year!

4. Direct the blood flow to your roots

In order for your body to produce healthy hair internally, there must be a consistent flow of blood to your roots under the scalp!  If the flow of blood is sluggish or inconsistent, you will have ‘inferior hair growth’ which is slow weak strands that grow but fall out with brushing or manipulation.

In order to have what I call ‘Superior’ - which is strong thick stands that withstand manipulation, you must ensure, beneath the scalp there is a rush of blood that will feed the roots that produce your hair.

5. Internal nutrition for spring hair!

As hair is grown externally but created internally, your diet must contain some of the following: dark green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale, protein in the form of eggs or oily fish, biotin, zinc, silica and B vitamins.

If you think you are lacking in any of these healthy hair growth essentials then pick up a box of vitamins that contain them.

You are what you eat!

6. Extend length by exercising for spring hair

You can extend the length of your hair growth with regular exercise!  A healthy body that is free of toxins, with a healthy circulation of blood will produce healthy hair that grows well.  So, get sweaty for at least 30 minutes for up to 4 times a week.

7. Heat-free hair

If you are a regular user of heat, please try to eliminate this over the next 12 weeks.  Instead, air-dry and stretch your hair, by putting it into buns, threading or even simple twists.

Heat will destroy the protein levels within your hair shaft when over used and also cause unnecessary breakage.                

8. Massage for more!

Massaging your scalp is probably one of the easiest ways you can change your hair growth game for the better!

Using one of our harvest hair growth oils, (The Root Energizer or The Grow-it-long serum) make massage your daily physical mantra.  Give your scalp 7-10 mins of TLC via massage daily and reap the benefits.

9. Protect, but do not neglect

black girl braids

If you love to protective style, this is a fantastic way to allow your hair to grow at its best pace. 

However, if you neglect your hair whilst you weave, wear a wig or braids, then you are doing the opposite of protecting it.  Do not neglect your hair whist you let it rest and grow in a protective style! 

So, follow the tips above, and your hair will thank-you and appreciate the hair-cation!

10. Envision your goal for spring hair

It is so easy to believe your hair will never be as healthy or as long as your favourite vlogger or someone else. 

The truth is, that vlogger has had to do all of the above to get the length they have now.  If you spend your whole time coveting the length of someone else and fail to harvest your own crops you will be defeated. 

Just remember that it will take time. It will take planning but it is possible.  Set a hair growth goal, for 3 inches by August, for example, and see what happens.  Just do not give up and believe in your hair and your body as it has the ability to deliver the hair you were meant to have.

Hair products to help you this spring:

Triple M Moisture milk for spring hair

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Harvest hair growth oils for spring hair


Harvest hair-growth oils Kit:


I hope these spring hair tips help you this season on your hair journey!

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