Sisterlocs and how best to care for them our Natural Haircare

Sisterlocs and how best to care for them our Natural Haircare


If you are just embarking on your sisterloc journey and are slightly unsure of what to do, or maybe your loctitian has advised you to keep your scalp wash-free and oil free for 8 weeks and you are struggling with flakes and itching, this advice should really help!

Locticians advice:

Most locticians will advise in the early stages to avoid the over-manipulation of the roots to allow the locs to form and bind, however this can lead to a flaky itchy scalp.

If you are gentle and wash your hair with a mild natural shampoo that is mild on the scalp but cleansing like our shampoo Stimulate & Cleanse which is SLS free then your scalp will be fine and your hair too.

I would also advise a light moisturiser like our daily use Honey-rain juice use this to keep your locs fresh and soft feeling.

Sisterlocs – How to Keep them healthy

If you have sister-locs and are not sure what you can use from ROOT2TiP to keep them healthy, check out this simple bit of advice!

Ladies who sister-loc their hair you are not to be forgotten. I often get asked whether my products work on SisterLocs and the short answer is yes!

Just because you have decided to loc your hair or have been wearing locs for some time, does not mean you should stop taking regular care of your hair because it’s different.

Locs are much more durable in terms of daily manipulation than unlocked strands.  For this reason the following advice should be taken when caring for them:

Wash your locs and scalp regularly:

Many locticians/stylists will urge you to wait 4-8 weeks before washing or applying any oils to your scalp when you first embark on your loc journey, they believe the locs will unravel if washed or oiled! I disagree.

Your hair will greatly benefit from gentle scalp washing and oiling afterwards. There is nothing worse than a scalp that is clogged with sweat and bacteria. Take time doing this and your locs will love you and grow quicker too.

Moisturise locs daily:

Use a daily leave-in water based spray to hydrate locs and keep them soft. Locs can very quickly feel dry and rough to the touch, so at times a water based conditioning spray like our Honey rain juice will be just what your locs ordered. Heavy crèmes can lead to build up so keep the moisture light!

"Root2tip Products are great on all hair types. My mother has sisterlocs and her locs are amazing and grow so well with regular washing, steam treatments and moisturising!"


Traction Alopecia with sisterlocs:

If your locs feel overly tight after a visit to a loctician/stylist this is a warning sign that your hair may be enroute to suffering with damage. Thinning of the roots of sisterlocs is a common problem. Ensure the retightening session or styling session does not leave you looking as though you have had a facelift!!

I have spoken to so many women and men whom have thinning hair at the base of their sisterlocs or locs due to tight styling. Be careful and wise!


Take care guys and love your hair, I do!!

Much Love & Blessings,



Founder, formulator, Hairducation Expert

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