Natural Hair Growth Tips In Quarantine Pt 2

Natural Hair Growth Tips In Quarantine Pt 2

I hope you are managing to enjoy some of the sunshine somehow this week even if it is in your back garden. This week we have some more natural hair growth tips for you whilst in quarantine.

Thank you to all who have been tuning into our live hair help sessions on Instagram. We hope you have been finding them useful.

If you have joined our 30-day Massage and Grow Hair Challenge, remember we have a Facebook group where we are sharing tips and tricks to help you throughout the challenge too. We have another live event for you this week:

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7 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair In Quarantine:

1. Protective Styling

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Protect your hair ends with low-manipulative protective styles during this season. I currently have long braids in to prepare my hair to grow in the summer. Protective hairstyles tuck your ends in away from the climate and prevent you from manipulating your hair every day as you don't have to keep combing and brushing your hair into a style.

2. Be Honest About Your Hair Health

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Assess how your hair is feeling. Is it dry? Does it have split ends? Evaluating the health of your hair can be a good way to pinpoint what you need to do next to reach your hair goals. If it's dry, you should look into incorporating more moisture into your hair routine. If you have split ends, maybe your hair is due a trim. Pay attention to your hair's behavior, as it tells you what it needs.

3. Eat Your Hair Healthy

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Your diet also affects your hair's health. To give your hair the best chance of flourishing for the summer, include fresh fruits and veg in your diet. This will help your body overall feel more refreshed and energized, as well as give your hair a great environment to grow in.

4. Shampoo

We would recommend shampooing your hair at least once a week. It's important that your scalp can breathe. Moisturizing your hair can quickly build-up, so regularly washing your hair often helps with this. Our Stimulate and Cleanse Shampoo is specifically designed to cleanse out product build-up in your hair.

5. Condition

Whenever you shampoo your hair, you should also condition it to add in the moisture back into your hair. You can also do co-washes whereby you only use conditioner in your hair. This enhances moisture in your hair, which can be done times a week. You can use our Comb-out co-wash for this.

6. Protein Treatment

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Treating your hair with protein is essential to incorporate in your hair treatments. Our Triple Protein Treatment holds strengthening properties including Silk, Wheat, and Henna protein. Black hair textures are unique, but also fragile, so treating your hair to protein gives it that extra strength to protect your tresses.

7. Massage Scalp (Hot Oil Treatment)

Root2Tip Natural hair growth scalp oil

Massaging your scalp with oil is essential, especially during our 30-day Massage and Grow Hair Challenge. By massaging oil around your scalp, you are stimulating a rush of blood flow to the follicles, which helps promote hair growth. Our Grow-it-long scalp Serum includes a mix of natural oils designed to help you with this. You can also use our oils for Hot Oil Treatments to help strengthen your strands.

For more natural hair growth tips in quarantine from our post last week, check out this blog post.


Keep Safe,

Sal x

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