How My beautiful Irish Mother coped with My Mixed race hair!

How My beautiful Irish Mother coped with My Mixed race hair!

By Simone Powderley aka Simbafarian 

Young Simone with her pretty, fluffy mixed race afro!


Growing Up As A Young Cub

I remember the days of brushing my hair out and singing my heart out to Diana Ross classics at the age of 5! Who would have known my hair would have become my trademark to date.

Born to Irish mother and Jamaican Father growing up with three elder brothers my household was quite entertaining to say the least.

As a child I loved my hair…my mum always recalls me brushing it out and singing to Diana Ross I am coming out.

I always wanted my hair out but my mum use to say NO and put into plaits in fear of me getting nits but when she would pick me up from school cheeky Simba would have them out!

Me and Mama my Valentine xx

My mother was not impressed I would say it was hurting me throughout the day knowing full well that me and the girls were playing hairdressers in the playground. Sorry Mama!

When I reached the age 8 my hair was changing my mum was struggling with it being moisturised and it was so thick, the middle of my hair was so coarse, tight tight tight curls.

 I remember when my mum was doing my hair one morning and her back went into a spasm- I was like ‘hell no’

‘did my hair just do that!

My Dad bless him got me a special chair for when my mum would do my hair so her back wouldn’t hurt her.

All for this mane?

Eventually, my Dad went to a local hairdressers and spoke to them in regards of my hair and they gave him the creamy cracker…A Relaxer! How could they!

Sadly, at the time my mum was none the wiser until she saw that my hair wasn’t going back to curly.

It wasn’t a happy household that day, but I was happy straight hair, omg! I’m like you now mummy, just needed blonde hair and blue eyes.

blonde child

The blonde hair and blue eyes obsession came from simply growing up predominately on my Irish side of my family and nobody really looking like me.

My mother entered me into South London press for the face of mini south London and I came third but the girl who came first was blonde hair with blue eyes…. SIGH.

Throughout my days of primary school my lovely teacher found out how much my mum was paying hairdressers to braid my hair and she told my mum she would do it for me.

So once a while on my lunch break I would quickly eat and she would do it for me.

Thank you Miss Huffstead it was so nice of you and I loved all the fantastic braid hairstyles she would do.


My mum couldn’t do braids, so I was always excited to get my hair done by my teacher and have the cool girl hairstyles!

 My mum looked after my hair up until I was about 12 she couldn’t do the zig zag partings the patience to do 100 braids. I was grateful  she had a routine in place every Sunday wash hair and plaited up for school she used Virgin olive oil, my Aunt likes to make fun and say she put cooking oil, but same difference I guess serves for all different purposes.


My mum I and when I relaxed my hair- it broke off!

Throughout my teens I was going through bad teaching, pretty much  self teaching gel, wax, lotions all sorts. I was on the cream crack! and eventually my hair broke all off.

At the age of 18, I decided to do this big chop and I haven't looked back since.

mixed race curl hair

I loved this hair!

My natural fro with mum at a wedding!



I am thankful I am natural as when I will be blessed with a daughter she will see her mummy embracing her natural hair and I hope that embeds in her through not only hair but in life it self.

My mother not having the same hair or colour as me wasn’t a problem, I think it created bonding time for us sitting there for hours trying to work out what to do and me guiding her Ha-ha

Love you mum and for all that back ache you had doing my hair.

Endless massages!


Simba xx


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