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Know Your Hair: Intuitive Hair Care Tips

Having a solid and steady hair care routine is important in getting to know your hair’s health and achieve your goals at the same time. Sometimes though, being too strict without listening to the hints that your hair gives you, can hinder you from catering to your hair’s immediate needs.
Here are two ways your body lets you know that it’s time to switch it up  and some tips on hair loss causes.
know your hair

1. You are not getting the same results: get to know your hair

 It can be so frustrating when you follow a trusted and tried regimen, only to see completely different and disappointing results.
You used the same techniques and products that you've used before, but instead of soft and bouncy hair, your hair seems dull and lifeless!
If your hair stops reacting to the products you are used to using, it might be that you are experiencing product build-up and the hair is too saturated to draw in the newly layered products.
Try detoxing your hair using our clarifying Stimulate & Cleanse Shampoo.

2. Your hair growth has stalled

In order to grow, our hair needs a balanced environment.
If you notice that your hair growth has stalled, even though your ends are trimmed and protected, it’s possible that the pores of your scalp are clogged.
This can lead to dandruff, itching of the scalp, and hinders the hair from breaking through the scalp freely which can result in slower hair growth.
Using a mild scrub to deep cleanse the scalp helps blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
Follow this up with our Grow It Long scalp Serum to boost those follicles.
We hope these tips help you to get to know your hair better.

Causes of hair loss 

The causes of hair loss are various and can happen in both men and women. Genetics, physical injury, or an underlying condition that can cause the hair to thin or create bald spots can all be causes of alopecia. Here are some different hair loss conditions:  

Alopecia areata: This is a small, circular area of sudden hair loss that happens without any symptoms. The beard and eyebrows can also be affected, as well as other hairs on the body. 

Telogen effluvium: This type of hair loss can be reversed. It happens due to extreme stress, and sometimes from a new medication. 

Tinea capitis. This is a fungal infection on the scalp. It can cause small scaly spots on the scalp that may also have pustules. This can result in permanent hair loss. 

Cicatricial alopecia: This refers to hair loss that creates permanent scarring. The hair follicles left behind are destroyed and scar tissue forms rather than growing more hair.

Nutritional deficiency: If your body is in need of sufficient protein or iron, among other vitamins, it can lead to hair loss. However, a true vitamin deficiency is very rare.

Thyroid conditions: Thyroid problems are a famous cause of hair loss. Doctors often suggest checking this if you have hair loss that appears to have no underlying cause. 

Remember, she speaks to you, so try to be intuitive with your routine and listen to her.
Stay blessed,
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