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Avoiding Hair Loss

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I hope you're settling well back into the working routine of life since beginning September. Did you know that 50% of black women have experienced hair loss? Furthermore, 8/10 Black women will reveal a hair issue beneath their wig. Although many of us may have experienced some form of hair loss, many may not be aware of the options, or preventative measures that can be taken to limit this from happening. We need to take care of our natural hair, even when wearing protective hairstyles. My personal experience with hair loss was a big reason as to why I started Root2Tip and I want to share with others what I have discovered along this journey. So, without further ado, here are some tips to help prevent hair loss:

Root Energizer oil


1. Oil - Our super-growth root energizer oil is specially made to target hair loss and to promote hair growth. Apply to the scalp through the nozzle head as a guide. This, coupled with our grow it long scalp serum is designed to encourage hair growth.




Tight Hairstyle

  1. Avoid tight hairstyles -Hairstyles like cornrows can cause thinning hairlines and hypertension if they are done too tightly. It shouldn’t be too painful when you have just done a hairstyle. If it is- then it’s a sign that it is too tight! Avoid regularly doing tight hairstyles. If it's once in a while for special occasions, ensure that it isn't unbearably tight. Low manipulative styles are the best way to go as they allow your scalp to breathe, allowing an environment for growth.

Hair massage

  1. Hair Massages- Hair massages help the blood flow to your scalp, which, in turn, helps to stimulate hair growth. You could get a vibrating hairbrush that further stimulates blood flow.

Here's a video of me explaining my experience with hair loss and how it played a part in starting Root2Tip: 


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