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How To Prevent Frizzy Hair Naturally

Have you ever spent hours styling your hair, waiting for it to dry, taken it down with extra care - only to find out that your curls are frizzy? We know the struggle all too well and we want to give you some tips and tricks on how to prevent frizzy hair naturally.

How To Prevent Frizzy Hair While Washing

One of the most efficient ways to control frizz is during the washing session. When warm water hits the cuticles, they open up and lift, which helps the hair to absorb moisture correctly.

Making sure the cuticles are closed back and lay flat is the best way to prevent unnecessary frizz.

Always follow up shampooing with a conditioner, it will help flatten the cuticles. Use our Root2Tip Comb out Co-wash to get the best post-shampoo treatment to help prevent frizz. Giving the hair a quick cold rinse at the end of the washing session is also a great way to help the hair shafts to lie flat.

You can even go one step further by deep conditioning your hair. It is an indirect step, as dry hair is prone to split and rough ends and lengths. By regularly deep conditioning, the hair stays moisturised longer and is smoother which prevents frizz. When the hair is wet, it’s also more flexible, so it is the best time to apply frizz taming products.

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How To Prevent Frizz While Moisturising

Your moisturiser and styler are the next steps in preventing frizz. The products you choose for your hair, can make or break the frizz game. After using either a cream or hair milk depending on the thickness, texture and porosity of your hair, you want to follow up with an oil or a butter to seal the hair.

It’s an additional step in helping the hair shafts to flatten. The better the cuticles are closed and flat the more the hair will shine. The light will be able to reflect on the surface of the hair as a result of the hair shafts being tightly together.

This is also part of the curly girl method, so if you follow this method, you will definitely benefit from it.

How To Prevent Frizz While Styling

Protective styling is our last step and you want to smooth each section or strand of hair before setting it in the particular hairstyle you’ve chosen. Using your fingers to run the product down the hair shaft, smoothing it while styling is very effective.

Another indirect way you can prevent frizz is by protective styling. Braids, twists and updos are excellent ways to not only protect hair from over manipulating but also from creating unwanted flyaways. When styling lose styles like twist outs and braid outs, the smaller the sections, the less frizz you will create.

Frizz is not the end of the world. For days where it just invites itself into your hairstyle, embrace it with a smile. However, if you can prevent it and rock a flawless updo or twist out, we hope our tips will help you prevent frizz the best way you can.

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