Help Me - I stopped relaxing my hair today!

Help Me - I stopped relaxing my hair today!

What to do when you want to quit the relaxer - A few words of support from Sal!

Have you stopped relaxing today?

So you have made the BIG decision to stop using relaxers in you hair - Congratulations! You should be really proud of yourself. It certainly is not an easy choice to make especially since you may have been relaxing your hair since you were 10 years old!

So what now?

It's only benn 2 weeks since your usual re-touch day and your mind keeps wondering onto the pretty boxes of relaxers on the top shelf in your local hair-care shop!

Do not fear you are not going mad! And you are not alone, especially when you have been invited out next week and the finishing touch to you outfit os that well over-due re-touch to those roots!

Try to be strong and resist the temptation to relax again. It's a bit like when you quit smoking cigarettes - you need to wean yourself off slowly!


Below are 10 really good reasons to further inspire you to quit the relaxer for good:

1. You will never have to suffer from a burning scalp again!

2. You will save money, as you no longer need to visit the hairdressers for re-touches.

3. Your hair will over time regain its natural thickness and body!

4. Your hair will feel and be stronger - as relaxing hair can often make it weak and thin.

5. Your scalp will begin to be healthier - it will not feel so dry.

6. You will retain length much easier - providing the hair is well moisturised and maintained!

7. That portion of your hair that seems to get shorter with every re-touch will grow again as it is not being over-processed - in particular the back/nape area of the head!

8. You will have to spend more time getting to know how to handle your natural texture.

9. You will feel a sense of liberation, as you look forward to new you - hair is dead - but you can make your's alive again!

10. You may even notice that your natural hair was never that bad to begin with!


Learning to love your unique hair texture

Keeping the hair healthy whilst you transition for relaxes-natural

Try to wash your hair at least once or twice a week to keep the scalp clean to encourage growth. Use a conditioner to rinse your hait with at least 3 times a week - it helps with tangling! Decide on whether you want to do a BIG CHOP and get rid of the relaxed hair whether you will trim it off as the re-growth grows out. Take time when handling your hair as the two different textures you will experience will be difficult to handle. Your hair will be very fragile due to this so take your time with it especially the relaxed ends.

Handle your hair only with conditioner in it, it is easier to manage this way - and less likely to break.

If you decide to keep the relaxed hair until your natural hair has grown to a decent length then try a Protective Style - to help your hair grow out and prevent damage to it.

Try any of these protective styles:

  • Braids
  • Twists
  • Sew-in weave
  • Instant weave
  • Wig
  • Moisture daily - especially the re-growth

Massage your scalp to promote growth and use a growth stimulating scalp oil like the Grow-it-long serum scalp oil or the Root Energizer scalp tonic... To make your hair growth thicker and nourish your roots.

relaxed hair cover girl Ayesha

For those who can't stop relaxing:

If you feel that to stop relaxing is not for you, but you still want healthier, then read on...

Try to STRETCHOUT the lengh of time between your usual re-touches.

So relax every 3 months instead of every 4 weeks - this will help your hair to thicken up as you will have less chance of over-processing the already relaxed hair when you re-touch.

Lessen the amount of time you relax your hair for- i.e, instead of leaving the relaxer on for 20 minutes leave it on for 10 mins, this will leave you with some naturak body in your hair.

Use a protective style to help you stretch out your next relaxer. By wearing braids or a wig you will have an easier time when trying to stretch as your hair is out of the way and not manipulated.

Follow these steps:

  • Deep condition regularly
  • Use protein every fortnight
  • Moisturise daily
  • Take time with your hair
  • Try to only comb-using a wide tooth comb when your hair is saturated with conditioner or under the shower


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