Hairstyles for Work: Natural Hair Edition - Top 7

Hairstyles for Work: Natural Hair Edition - Top 7

Following the California and New York crown law ban, outlawing natural hair discrimination, there has been a call for a similar law in the UK to allow freedom of natural hairstyles for work. You can sign the petition here:

There are several hairstyles that allow us to flawlessly be ourselves and professional at the same time at work. Black hair is often labeled as unprofessional by default.
However, I am here to demonstrate that this is simply not the case with these different hairstyles for work.
Here's a story from one of our customers on wearing her natural hair to work:


''I remember going to a job interview with a sleek low bun. It had taken me at least 30 minutes to get my hair to lay completely flat and tamed so that I would look, what’s that word again, oh yeah, ''professional'. 

I was convinced that making my hair look as put together as possible would help me get the job. Help “them” focus on me and my capacities instead of my kinks and curls. I wanted to quieten my fro so that my actual voice would be loud enough to defend my professional attributes. 

I ended up getting the job but I never wore that sleek bun again. I wore my twist outs and braid outs and wash and go’s like it was nobody’s business! I had gotten “IN”. I had succeeded at taking the attention off my big curly hair so “they” could judge my capacity of being able to do the job. I had to downright hide my curls until my work ethic, my sense of professionalism and hard work was what they saw first. So my fro couldn’t cloud their judgment anymore. 

I had never thought about those “interview” hairstyles, which sole purpose was to get me “IN”. I had never realized how much they revealed the image we try to portray in order to be accepted.

And it might not only be the hairstyle, maybe we contain our laugh, lower our voice just a little bit to get “IN”.

Reflecting back on those interview hairstyles, I wish I was bolder, wish I wore the heck out of that Fro with my head held high cause that’s really what it’s all about. Owning who we are and not enabling the stereotypes to go on and on. 

Maybe for my next job, I’ll wear my hair as big as possible. Watch their initial skepticism and then wow them with the personality and intelligence that is framed by that beautiful fro of mine!''

1. Dreadlocks  Dreadlocks

If you have locks you can twist the roots to create a nice creative style.
2. Afro puff 

yara shahidi afro puff

This is a classic hairstyle that you can wear practically anywhere! There are little things you can do with it to enhance the style. For example, braiding or flat-twisting the front of your hair.

3. Flat Twists into a bun hairstyle for work 



If you'd like a stylish bun, you could try flat twist your hair in sections and tie it up into a bun.
4. Braid Out Bob 
There are so many different types of braiding patterns you can do to achieve the desired shape you like. Afro hair is so versatile!


5. Crown braids hairstyle for work


These are similar to french braids but tend to go in a more circular format.

6. Sleek Bun hairstyle for work

If you do occasionally want a sleek bun, for work, our Honey-rain juice leave-in conditioner is perfect for detangling and moisturising tresses to prep for a sleek bun. Our Quench Anti-breakage creme is a great follow-up from this to help prevent any flyaways from peaking out of your bun.

7. Chunky Flat Twist Out hairstyle for work

If you want to wear your natural hair completely out, flat twist-outs are another easy go-to natural hairstyle for work. Simply twist your tresses the night before work and unravel them in the morning! 
It's also important to use moisturising products that will help increase the longevity of your twist out! Our Natural Hair Butter and our Twist and Curls Pudding are great options for this!

 Stay Blessed,

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