Hair Growth Foods List: Eat Your Hair Healthy

Hair Growth Foods List: Eat Your Hair Healthy

When we think about black hair care, we automatically think about all the products we can put ‘on’ our hair to make it grow, keep it hydrated, full of volume, and defined. However, there are actually foods we can put ‘in’ our body in order to help the overall health of our hair and stimulate our bodies’ capacity to grow it. We have put together this hair growth foods list to further assist you with this.

Whenever we eat, our body breaks down the food and uses the vitamins and nutrients from the food to fuel our body, give us energy and regenerate our cells. It distributes the nutrients to the part of the body that needs them the most. We can play an active part in helping our body cater to the needs of our hair from the inside out. You will be surprised that the foods you have probably eaten before can help you take care of your hair when added to your diet on a consistent basis. Here are 5 foods you can easily add to your diet and see amazing results.

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Hair is mainly made out of protein and with eggs being an amazing source of protein and biotin, it is a great ingredient to add to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It also contains zinc and selenium which are healthy hair promoting nutrients.


Berries are filled with vitamins such as Vitamin C which helps the body produce collagen. Collagen strengthens the hair and helps with brittle and breaking hair. 


All green vegetables are great to add to ones diet for healthier hair. Spinach in particular contains folate, iron and Vitamin A. Vitamin A is responsible for helping the skin glands produce sebum, which keeps the scalp moisturized.

Essential Fatty Acids: Hair Growth Foods

These fats that cannot be produced by the body, are essential as the body uses them to build its cells. Eating avocados, nuts and seeds help with meeting the daily essential fatty acid needs of your body.

Beans: Hair Growth Foods

We spoke earlier about our hair being made mainly out of protein. So, adding protein to your diet can only be beneficial. If you follow a plant-based diet, beans are an amazing source of protein that also contains biotin, iron, and folate which are all healthy hair-promoting nutrients.

Adding these foods to your diet has great benefits and will help your body boost hair growth. It also helps the strength of your hair.

You can, of course, also take supplements that contain vital nutrients in order to help you boost your nutrient intake. We wanted to provide you with 5 simple ingredients that can make a real difference in your hair journey.

As much as we sometimes look at products as our only way of making a difference to the overall health of our hair, the power of the ingredients we eat can make a significant difference in our hair journey. It’s haircare from the inside out. As we equip our body with all it needs to provide our scalp and hair follicles with the tools to growing hair, it becomes strong and protected.

I hope this hair growth foods list helps you on your hair journey. We also have hair kits dedicated to growing healthy hair. Feel free to check them out here!

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