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Hair care routine for kids: 3-part system

Establishing a hair care routine for kids can be overwhelming. You might be concerned that too many products will weigh your child’s hair down. Maybe your little one gets impatient during wash day and you are looking to find a routine that is quick and effective. When teaching your child the importance of hair care, you want to make the process fun and educating at the same time.

At Root2Tip our aim is to make hair care easy and less time-consuming. This is where the 3-step-system comes in handy. It’s three products that will help you manage your child’s hair and help it thrive. Today we are looking at moisturising and styling. Here are our three products that will help make your next moisturising and styling session a breeze.

natural hair care routine for kids blog banner


1. Honey Rain Juice (detangle): Natural hair routine for kids

Detangling is one of those things we all wish we could skip. However, it is the preparation through detangling that will make the styling super easy. Our Honey Rain Juice detangler is your biggest ally. It loosens the knots and provides enough slip for the tangles to easily pull apart. At Root2Tip we encourage you to always start with finger detangling, as you can feel through the hair and gently go through knots and tangles. If you find a knot or a tangle, gently pull small strands of hair out of the knot from the hair above the knot, it will disintegrate little by little. After you have thoroughly finger detangled, you can then move on by using a wide-tooth comb.

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2. Heavens Hair Milk (moisturise)

Afro-textured hair naturally suffers from dryness. The curls in our hair make it difficult for the natural sebum created by the scalp to run down our hair. Dryness is inevitable but should not be a problem without a solution. Our Heaven’s Hair Milk is light milk that nourishes and moisturises in minutes. Apply to your child’s hair in sections, thoroughly running your fingers through in order to coat each strand of hair. To prevent the hair from tangling, put each section in a twist before moving on to the next section.

3. Sunlight Curl Crème (seal and style)

The last step is to seal the hair and style it. Our sunlight curl crème contains oils and butters that will lock in the added moisture and leave the hair, juicy, bouncy, and shiny. If you are going for a loose style, apply the sunlight curl crème section by section allowing your little one’s curls to clump together. Let it air dry and accessorise with a headband for example. If you are going for a protective style like banding, braiding, or twisting, apply the sunlight curl crème generously to the hair and then proceed to style as desired. The locked-in moisture will remain for several days or even weeks depending on your child’s porosity.

This 3-Step-System will help you break down your hair care routine for kids into three simple steps, allowing for less product and better nourishment for your child’s hair. Detangling will be tear-free and the hair will stay moisturised longer.

Our tutorial on our quick style and moisturising method: 
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